Band History - Part 2

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Some things
never change ...
Then again ...
some do!

Pageantry was the word for the Wooster High School Marching Band in the 70's. Elaborate field shows exhibited lighting effects - including the ever-popular "toe lights", costumes, banners, dancing routines, and more.

Robert Bayless
Bayless leading the Wooster High School Symphonic Band.
If the walls of the band room at the old Wooster High School could only talk, we would have heard story after story of talented young musicians, motivated, committed to achieving their very best.

With the construction of the new Wooster High School in 1994, the old building was converted to Cornerstone Elementary. The band room you see here was demolished. However, the memories of time spent together making wonderful music will never be torn down...

The Wooster High School Symphonic Band made many noteworthy appearances under the direction of Mr. Bayless in the 70s. This included performances at OMEA conferences, a performance at the Midwest International Band & Orchestra Clinic, and also a trip to Europe.
"Wooster Band Has Tradition Of Excellence" - 1979 Beth Lewis article from the Wooster Daily Record.


When Bob Bayless left at the end of the decade, Lloyd Ringley took charge and handed the reigns over to the talented young Assistant Director, Jim Byo.

Jim Byo

(Byo currently serves on the Music Education faculty at Louisiana State University.)


Mark Scatterday

Under the leadership of Jim Byo, the band program at Wooster High School continued with it’s fine tradition of musical excellence.

In 1985 he left the program in the hands of Mark Scatterday who lead the band program for two years. William Bauer came after Scatterday's departure and lead the program to the end of the decade.

William Bauer


With the new decade came another new face.
Dan Adams joined the staff in 1990 and continues to lead the Wooster High School band program.

The 90s brought several new and exciting things to the band program:

What will the new millennium bring? Who knows. One thing is for certain, however, great music will continue to fill the halls of Wooster High School!

1993 Alumni Band


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