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The following compositions represent selections performed by the Wooster High School Concert Band, under the direction of Douglas Bennett, since 1990.

Repertoire List

12th Street Rag Euday L. Bowman
Aces Of The Air Karl L. King
Air From County Derry Joseph Kreines
Alien Visitors Bob Margolis
Allied Honor March Karl L. King
Amen! Frank Ticheli
American Anthem Gene Scheer/Brown
An American Heritage Ryan Nowlin
American Riversongs Pierre Le Plante
Amazing Grace arr. Frank Ticheli
Anthem John Edmondson
Anthem For Winds and Percussion Claude T. Smith
Apollo Myth and Legend Rob Romeyn
As Summer Was Just Beginning Larry Daehn
At A Dixieland Jazz Funeral Jared Spears
Balloonology Chris Crockarell
Basin Street Blues Williams/Edmondson
Beyond Bold Horizons Larry Neeck
Big Four March Karl L. King
The Big Race Warren Barker
Blaze Away March Holzmann/Edmondson
Blazing Fury David Shaffer
Blue Goose Rag Timothy Broege
Blue Ridge Saga James Swearingen
Blues For A Killed Cat Jack End
Brooms Hilda Chris Crockarell
Brule River Celebration Robert Sheldon
Burst of Brass David Shaffer
Cajun Folk Songs Frank Ticheli
Cartoon Crazy Robert Sheldon
Chant Rituals Elliot Del Borgo
Clarinets Allegro Frank Colfield
Cluster Fluster Buster March David Holsinger
Colonel Bogey March K. Alford/C. Barmes
Comets In Winter Sky Daniel McCarthy
Corinthian Overture Elliot Del Borgo
Courtly Airs and Dances Ron Nelson
Covington Square James Swearingen
Crossings in Time Michael Sweeney
Crossgate James Barnes
Curtain Call John Wasson
A Day At The Circus James Curnow
Declaration Overture Claude T. Smith
Deep River arr. James Swearingen
Dinosaurs Daniel Buckvich
Dragons Fly on the Winds of Time Larry Neeck
Emblazon Sean O'Loughlin
Encanto Robert W. Smith
Festival Fanfare Calvin Custer
Festivo Vaclav Nelhybel
Flourish For Wind Band Ralph Vaughan Williams
Flying Tigers David Shaffer
Folk Dances Shostakovich/Curnow
Foundry John Mackey
Galop to End All Galops Warren Barker
Gallant Marines Karl King
Gently As I Wander Robert Sheldon
Gershwin! Gershwin/Barker
Ginger Marmalade Warren Benson
Music from Gladiator Hans Zimmer/John Wasson
Glacier Express Larry Neeck
Go Galop! Fillmore/Contorno
Grizzly Bear Rag Timothy Broege
Heartbeat Five Gary Gilroy
Heatherwood Portrait James Barnes
Henderson Field Karl King
Here's That Rainy Day Van Heusen/Burke/Lowden
How Firm Thy Friendship James Swearingen
Hudson River Suite John O'Reilly
Hues of Blue Robert Sheldon
Incantations Robert W. Smith
The Incredibles Giacchino/Murtha
Into The Storm Robert W. Smith
Introduction and Dance Jay Chattaway
An Irish Farewell Larry Daehn
King Across The Water Bruce Fraser
Kwyjibo Daniel Montoya, Jr.
La Belle Helene Offenbach/Mahaffey
La Bonne Aventure Pierre La Plante
Lassus Trombone Henry Fillmore
La Virgen De La Macarena Charles Koff/Rafeal Mendez
Liberty Bell March Sousa/Holmes
Liberty Fleet Karl L. King
The Light Eternal James Swearingen
Manatee Lyric Overture Robert Sheldon
March Des Rogations William Rhodes
March For A Festive Occassion Eric Osterling
March of the Belgian Paratroopers Leemans/Swearingen
March Of The Lost Batallion James Ployhar
Masters Of The Silent Screen Mike Hannickel
Minnie The Moocher arr. Ralph Ford
Minuteman March Robert Pearson
Miss Liberty March Karl L. King
Mobbusters! David Holsinger
The Munster's Theme Jack Marshall/David Marshall
Muppet Medley arr. John Edmondson
Nathan Hale Trilogy James Curnow
Night Flight Karl L. King
Of Dark Lords And Ancient Kings Roland Barrett
Of Pride And Celebration James Swearingen
Opening Day! James Hosay
Overtura Ed Huckeby
Overture In Classical Style Charles Carter
Overture In Bb Caesar Giovannini
Overture For Winds Charles Carter
Paper Cut Alex Shapiro
Pentland Hills James Howe
Prelude & Gloria Bach/Erickson
Premiere Concertante John Cacavas
Proud Spirit James Swearingen
Psalm and Celebration Bruce Pearson, Chuck Elledge
Rats, Bats & Spiders Michael Hannickel
Ritual Vaclav Nelhybel
River of the Ancients Michael Sweeney
Rocky & Bullwinkle Strike Again! Fred Steiner/John Higgins
Romp! Darren Jenkins
Root Beer Rag Joel/Sweeney
Royal Air Force March Past Davies & Dyson
Rumble On The High Plains Michael Sweeney
Semper Fidelis Sousa/Holmes
Semper Fidelis Sousa/Holcomb, Rothrock
Shine Michael Markowski
Silvercrest Concert March James Swearingen
Silver Jubilee Overture John Edmondson
The Simpsons Danny Elfman/Paul Lavender
Sinfonia VI Timothy Broege
Someone To Watch Over Me Gershwin/Barker
Sounds of Sousa Sousa/Ployhar
Spyscape Timothy Loest
St. Louis Blues Handy/Brown
Suite For Band James Hook/Schaefer
Suncoast Carnival David Shaffer
Sure On This Shining Night Barber/Saucedo
Take Me Out To The Ball Game Von Tilzer/Balent
Tenth Regiment March R.B. Hall
That's A Plenty Creamer, Williams/Edmondson
Tiger Rag N. LaRocca/J. Higgins
Torch Of Liberty March Karl L. King
Triumphant Fanfare Richard Saucedo
Trombone Rag John Higgins
Trumpeter's Lullaby Leroy Anderson
Tunes That Go Bump In The Night Mark Williams
Selections from "Up" Michael Giacchino/Brown
Urban Scenes Andrew Boysen, Jr.
Variants On A Nautical Hymn Mark Williams
Variations On A Kitchen Sink Don Gillis
Voodoo Daniel Buckvich
Washington Post March John P. Sousa
West Highland Sojourn Robert Sheldon
West Side Story Bernstein/Bocook
Whip & Spur Allen/Cramer
Yorkshire Ballad James Barnes

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