Students at Wooster High School are presented with several course offerings. An effort is made to present a curriculum that reflects our District Music Program Philosphy as stated in our Wooster City Schools Music Course of Study:

"In a fast developing civilization that already stresses scientific achievement, material wealth, and extreme specialization in various fields of endeavor, we believe that music is basic to human existence and therefore is a discipline worthy of serious study. Every student should have the opportunity to create and respond to all types, styles, and periods of music. Music study develops skills in singing, playing, moving, composing, listening, and interpreting. Comprehensive music experiences can develop a person who will continue to enjoy and participate in music."

Performing Ensembles - 1 Credit* - Full Year

* These courses meet for 1 Credit each and share many of the same students/periods.

Performing Ensembles - 1/2 Credit - Semester

Classroom Music - 1/2 Credit - Semester

Co-Curricular Offerings

You can get supporting information at the WHS main site about selecting courses in music.