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The following compositions represent selections performed by the Wooster High School Symphonic Band, under the direction of Daniel Adams, since 1990.

Repertoire List

"The Alcotts" from Piano Sonata No. 2 Charles Ives/Thurston
America, The Beautiful Samuel Ward/Dragon
America, from West Side Story Leonard Bernstein/Brown
An American Elegy Frank Ticheli
American Big Top Brian Balmages
American Fanfare John Wasson
American Salute Morton Gould/Lang
Armed Forces Salute Bob Lowden
As Summer Was Just Beginning Larry Daehn
Australian Up Country Tune Percy Grainger
Autumn Soliloquy James Barnes
Bugler's Holiday Leroy Anderson
Bullets and Bayonets John Philip Sousa
Caccia and Chorale Clifton Williams
Candide Suite Leonard Bernstein/Grundman
Celebrations John Zdechlik
Chester William Schuman
Children's March (Over The Hills and Far Away) Percy Grainger
Colonial Airs and Dances Robert Jager
Colonial Song Percy Grainger
Concertino, Op. 26 for clarinet Carl Maria von Weber/Lake
Concerto for Trombone and Band Nocolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Concerto No. 1 in F Minor for Clarinet (Rondo: Allegretto) Carl Maria von Weber/Schmalz
Concerto Gross Robert Hirsch/Ployhar
Condition Red Noah Taylor
A Copland Tribute Aaron Copland/Grundman
"Country Band" March Charles Ives/Sinclair
Country Gardens Percy Grainger
Disquietude Dan Adams
Divertimento Leonard Bernstein/Grundman
Divertimento for Tuba and Concert Band Dan Adams
Divertimento for Winds and Percussion Roger Cichy
Divertimento In F Jack Stamp
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Elliot Del Borgo
Down a Country Lane Aaron Copland/Grundman
"The Duke Of Marlborough" Fanfare Percy Grainger
El Capitan Sousa/Fennell
English Folk Song Suite Ralph Vaughan Williams
Entry March Of The Boyars Johan Halvorsen/Fennell
Euphoria John Frantzen
The Fairest of the Fair Sousa/Fennell
Fanfare and Allegro Clifton Williams
Fanfare For Band and Antiphonal Brass Fisher Tull
Fanfare for a Journey Dan Adams
Fanfare and Variations Ralph Raymond Hays
Firestorm Steven Bulla
First Suite In E Flat For Military Band Gustav Holst
First Suite in F Thom Ritter George
Flight of the Bumble Bee Rimsky-Korsakov/Davis
Flourish for Glorious John Ralph Vaughan Williams/Boyd
Flowing Pens from Concord Roger Cichy
The Flying Squadron King/Milford
Four Norflok Dances Philip Sparke
Four Scottish Dances Malcolm Arnold/Paynter
Here Be Dragons Gary Gackstatter
His Honor March Henry Fillmore/Fennell
Gavorkna Fanfare Jack Stamp
General Wooster March Baker/Brooks
Ghost Train Eric Whitacre
Godzilla Eats Las Vegas Eric Whitacre
Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds and Percussion P.D.Q. Bach/ Schickele
I Am Andrew Boysen, Jr.
Inaugural Fanfare for antiphonal brass and percussion Daniel Adams
Infinite Horizons John Cheetham
Instant Concert Harold Walters
The Invincible Eagle John Philip Sousa/Brion, Schissel
Irish Tune From County Derry Percy Grainger
Italian In Algiers Rossinni/Cailliet
J.F.K.: In Memoriam James Curnow
Kirkpatrick Fanfare Andrew Boysen, Jr.
Kites Dan Adams
The Klaxon Henry Fillmore
La Procession Du Rocio Joaquin Turina/Reed
La Quintessenza Joan de Meij
Lassus Trombone Henry Fillmore
The Liberty Bell March John Philip Sousa
Lincoln Portrait Aaron Copland/Beeler
Lincolnshire Posy Percy Grainger
Lord Guard And Guide (The Men Who Fly) Robert Jager
Manhattan Beach March John Philip Sousa
March 159 (CLIX) Dan Adams
March from Symphonic Metamorphosis Paul Hindemith/Wilson
Marching Through Georgia John Philip Sousa
March, Op. 99 Sergei Prokofiev/Yoder
Mars, from The Planets Gustav Holst
Metroplex (Three Postcards from Manhattan) Robert Sheldon
Molly On The Shore Percy Grainger
Moorside March Gustav Holst/Jacob
Morning Alleluias for the Winter Solstice Ron Nelson
A Movement for Rosa Marck Camphouse
My America Smith/Murtha
National Emblem March Edwin Bagley/Fennell
Noble Men Henry Fillmore
Noisy Wheels of Joy Eric Whitacre
Octet in E Flat Major, Op. 103 L.v. Beethoven
October Eric Whitacre
Old Home Days Suite For Band Charles Ives/Elkus
On The Mall Edwin Franco Goldman
An Original Suite Gordon Jacob
Overture For Winds, Op. 24 Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy/Boyd
Overture to "Candide" Leonard Bernstein/Grundman
Pagan Dances James Barnes
Pageant Vincent Persichetti
Pathfinder Of Panama March J.P. Sousa/Frank Byrne
Polka & Fugue from "Schwanda" Jaromir Weinberger/Bainum
Polly Oliver Thomas Root
Prelude and Celebration James Curnow
Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo Malcom Arnold/Paynter
Quiet City Aaron Copland/Hunsberger
The Red River Valley Ralph Hays
Regimental Pride J.C. Heed
Riders for the Flag John Philip Sousa
Rio Bravo Overture Greg Gruner
Robinson's Grand Entree March Karl King
Rollo Takes A Walk David Maslanka
Rondino (octet) Ludwig v. Beethoven
Salute To Kansas John Philip Sousa
Salvation Is Created Pavel Tchesnokov/Houseknecht
Saying Goodbye Dan Adams
Sea Songs Ralph Vaughan Williams
Scenes from "The Louvre" Norman Dello Joio
Second Suite In F For Military Band Gustav Holst
Shenandoah Frank Ticheli
Shepherd's Hey Percy Grainger
Skyline, from "Music for a Great City" Aaron Copland/Adams
Slava! Leonard Bernstein/Grundman
Song Of The Sea Maidens Andrew Boysen, Jr.
Sound Off John Philip Sousa/Brion
Spring Divertimento Timothy Mahr
The Stars and Stripes Forever March John Philip Sousa
Still Brian Ballmages
Suite of Old American Dances Robert Russell Bennett
Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol Percy Grainger
Symphonic Songs for Band Robert Russell Bennett
Symphonic Suite Clifton Williams
Symphony No. 1, In Memoriam Dresden - 1945 [Featured Selection] Daniel Bukvich
Symphony No. 1, "The Lord Of The Rings" Johan de Meij
Symphony No. 2, "The Big Apple" (Previous Featured Selection) Johan de Meij
Them Basses March Getty Huffine
Three Brothers Michael Colgrass
Through Countless Halls Of Air W. Francis McBeth
Time Travel Daniel Bukvich
Toccata Marziale Ralph Vaughan Williams
To Walk With Wings Julie Giroux
Treasure State Festival Overture John Heins
Tuscola Mountain Celebration Paul Murtha
The Universal Judgement De Nardis
Urban Scenes Andrew Boysen, Jr.
Valdres Johannes Hanssen/Glenn C. Bainum
Variations On "America" Charles Ives/Rhoads, Schuman
Vesuvius Frank Ticheli
Warum? Robert Schuman/Daniel Adams
Washington Post March John Philip Sousa
Wind Dancer Jared Spears
Whatsoever Things... Mark Camphouse
With Heart and Voice David Gillingham
Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon Percy Grainger
Yorkshire Ballad James Barnes

Featured Selection

In this section is a piece of music currently being studied (or recently) and performed by the Wooster H.S. Symphonic Band. We'll pick one representative selection and provide detailed information on the music and the composer. Please check back for new pieces.

The Music

Symphony No. 1, In Memoriam Dresden - 1945

by Daniel Bukvich

Published by Wingert-Jones Music, Inc.


On the night of February 13, 1945, Allied forces fire-bombed the undefended German city of Dresden. Swollen by the flow of refugees fleeing the advancing Russian Army to almost twice its normal population, the "Fire Storm" killed approximately 150,000 men, women and children.

I. "Prologue" This movement establishes the mood of the impending disaster and presents the thematic material upon which the rest of the piece is based.

II. "Seeds in the Wind" The title of this movement refers to the method of "seeding" the bomb targets with jellied gasoline and incendiaries. The movement portrays the fury of the bombing attack.

III. "Ave Maria" The material in this movement reflects upon the religious and artistic heritage of Dresden and becomes a prayer for the victims of the attack.

IV. "Fire Storm" In this movement, the sounds of the "Fire Storm" are recreated. Musically, the last movement serves as a resolution to the tension built up in the previous three movements.

Symphony No. 1, In Memoriam Dresden - 1945 is a very thought provoking piece of music. The composer attempts to bring graphic representation of the horrors of a terrible event in our history. The common conception of the "we're the good guys" mentallity is questioned, and the listener is forced to confront the horrible details of war.
Bodies are burned in mass in the days that follow.

Bukvich utilizes many "non-traditional" techniques to add effect to his work. The first movement sets the eerie mood of the impending catastrophe. This clip is from the beginning of the piece (Quicktime). This two-pitch motive is used throughout the piece. The bomb target is "seeded" with incendiaries in the second movement. Flutes represent the whistling of the bombs, and vocalizations of cries for help are heard in this clip (Quicktime).

The intensity of the bombing raid continues in this clip from the second movement.(Quicktime). The whistling bombs intensify, and the two-pitch theme returns with greater intensity.

An English horn solo (Quicktime) characterizes what the composer refers to as "a prayer for the victims of the attack" in the third movement. The final movement employs non-traditional notation as well as non-traditional performance techniques. These include, whistling, vocalization, humming, blowing air through instruments, and other effects. This last movement, "Fire Storm", recreates the sounds of the fire storm that is created by the mass of fire bombs. The destruction literally left the town in hollow, burned out ruins, the 1000+ degree temperatures created by the fire storm incinerating all in its path. The following clip is of the entire fourth movement. It ends with quiet "sobs" from a solo flute. (Quicktime) (MP3).

The destruction of Dresden.

The Composer

Daniel Bukvich was born in 1954. His early interest in drumming and sound led to studies in percussion, pedagogy and composition, and eventually to teaching, performing, arranging and composing at the Lionel Hampton School of Music; University of Idaho. His creative approaches to percussion instrument design/construction, jazz drumming and solo percussion performance, vocal/instrumental conducting and rehearsing, and the development of pedagogical materials for music theory, sight singing, and percussion instruction have made him in constant demand for concerts, guest lectures, and workshops.

Bukvich is best known as a composer and arranger whose music has been commissioned and performed by bands, choirs, orchestras and chamber ensembles throughout the world.


Other Works By This Composer

Agincourt Hymn for band
Before Thy Throne I Now Appear for band
Dinosaurs for band
The Dream Of Abraham for band
Voodoo for band

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