Know Your Fight Song

sung to "Washington & Lee Swing"

We're gonna march, march, march right down the field,
For Wooster High will never, ever yield!
We're gonna cheer, cheer, cheer with all our might,
We're gonna do our best to win this game tonight!
We're gonna put the Blue and Gold on high,
We're gonna raise our voices to the sky,
We're gonna put old ______ (opponent) on its back, in a sack!
Wooster High!


O' come let's sing our Wooster's praise,
And Songs to Alma Mater raise.
And for the school we hold most high,
We raise our voices to the sky.
To her we pledge our hearts and hands,
And loyal to her each one stands.
Preserve her honor far and near,
Because we love her, Wooster Dear.

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