Origins of Script "Woo!"

OK, we admit it. We blatantly stole the idea from The Ohio State University Marching Band. We like to joke that they stole it from us, but considering they have been performing Script Ohio since 1936, that's quite a stretch.

Spelling "Woo" presents one problem. Unlike Script "Ohio", which has an "i" in it, we have no letter to dot. We solved that by providing our "Woo" with an exclamation point! This makes it possible to ceremoniously bring out a sousaphone player to dot the "!" with style!

Script "Woo!" started in 1988 when Gregory Bonk and the rest of the seniors were developing an idea for the their senior show. With the help of Cindy Glass, assistant director at the time, Script "Woo!" was born. At that time, it was charted for about 130 band members. The 1999 Script "Woo!" called for 260 bandsmen - my, times have changed.

... And, so has the script. Charting of the routine was revived in 1990 after a one-year absence, and the addition of new members in the band has necessitated alteration in the design. Additionally, the music has changed. In 1990, school songs were played as many times as needed to get the band through the formation. It meant several repeats of the tunes just to allow for enough music - the result: monotony! So, the next year we decided to use the same music Ohio State uses for their script, "Le Regiment" (French National Defile). It worked great, and we've used it ever since. [photo above by Paul Martin]

The "follow the leader" marching that is required by the drill depends a lot upon the accuracy of the Majorette who leads the script. Without careful guidance and perfect timing, things can easily go astray. We've had some close calls, but the band has always pulled it off in grand style. This is one of those traditions that may never die... Check it out at the next Homecoming game!


Amy Condry leading Script "Woo!" in 1995
Leading the Script
One Majorette is selected to lead the band through Script "Woo!" at each Homecoming game. Below is a list of the honored majorettes who have taken us through the Incomparable... Script "Woo!"
Dotting the Exclamation Point
One sousaphone player is selected to dot the exclamation point in Script "Woo!" at each Homecoming game. Below is a list of the honored sousaphone players who have done the dotting.
1990 Brandy Mott
1991 Judy Arnold
1992 Dianna Likens
1993 Dianna Likens
1994 Jami Kunkler
1995 Amy Condry
1996 Sarah Dodeci
1997 Sarah Dodeci
1998 Stacey Clark
1999 Jill Condry
2000 Patti Jackson
2001 Dechelle Hutchison
2002 Darcie Draudt
2003 Melissa Zarella
2004 Devin Draudt
2005 Jill Johnston
2006 Kaitlin Zarella
2007 Kaitlin Zarella
2008 Sarah Hider
2010 Sarah Elliott
2011 Kristy Kalikasingh
2012 Lindsey Cox
2013 Becca Foley
2014 Olivia Hoppe
2015 Becca Foley
2016 Michaela Beeman
2017 Madison Cox
2018 Dominique Nguyen
1988 Nick Brown
1990 Jason Ramsey
1991 Jason Ramsey
1992 Mark Zickefoose
1993** Andy Carmony & Nick Brown
1994 Chris Ewald
1995 Ben Byo
1996 Bryon Meshew
1997 Casey Emerson
1998 Brian Deily
1999 Matt Newman
2000 Keeley Emerson
2001 Matt Ellcessor
2002 Nate Bollinger
2003** Jon Spelman & Jeff Detrow
2004 Carolyn Johns
2005 Andrew Heller
2006 Andy Mick
2007 Terry Long
2008 Graham Wengerd
2009 Michael Scholze
2010 Jenny Johns
2011 Thomas Fitz Gibbon
2012 Brandon Buss
2013 Anthony Tizzano
2014 David Burnett
2015 Bradley Huffman
2016 Wil Gastier
2017 Patrick Parker
2018 Brooke Huffman
** 1993 & 2003 Alumni Band & Reunion at Homecoming had two "!" dotters:
The current senior, and the return of an alumni dotter.
Dotting the "!" - an honor for WHS sousaphone players.
Check out this video of the 2011 dotter traveling through the script.
We mounted a camera on him as he marched his way through the drill... almost like being there :-)


Script "Woo!" Through the Years

1996 Script "Woo!" at Follis Field

The changes in Script "Woo!" through the years reflect changes in the makeup of the group. It is interesting to see the shape of the script change with the addition of more students into the band program. Below are some copies of drill charts over the years.

A picture is worth a thousand "Woo's".
Below is the 1999 drill with an overlay of the 1990 Script "Woo!"
My, times have changed...


Here's how the chart looked for the 1994 Marching Band edition of Script "Woo!"

Click anywhere on the field to see the band march through the Script.
(give it time to load completely)

Animated Woo!



SousaCam2: First Person Perspective Dotting Script "Woo!"

Script "Woo!" Trailer - 25 Years

SousaCam: Dotting Script "Woo!"

End of Script "Woo!" and dotting of "!" (3.5 MB Quicktime Movie with sound)

End of Script "Woo!" and dotting of "!" (880K MPEG Movie with no sound)


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